Shalaka Shah

Dr. Shalaka Shah

Dr. Shalaka Shah is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at FLAME University Pune. She is associated with Steinbeis School of International Business & Entrepreneurship (SIBE), Germany for Competence Development and Business Excellence Research. Dr. Shah has an experience of psychological testing and counseling for over a decade. Work-life management has been her key area or work and she delivers lectures, conducts workshops on the same along with self-enhancement through competence development. Some of her renowned beneficiaries include SIBE Germany, Central Bank of India, Insurance Institute of India, SGS India Pvt. Ltd., Samvit School of Infrastructure and Business, Pune.
Dr. Shah has earned a doctorate in Pedagogy & Psychology for the topic of work-life balance and career success and has a double master’s degree in psychology of Excellence from Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), Munich Germany and in Counseling Psychology from SNDT University Pune. She is a licensed KODE® & SCA® competence trainer approved by Steinbeis University, Berlin. The competence license is accepted internationally. Dr. Shah’s primary research interests lie in work-life interface, competence development in organizations, leadership, whereas migration studies and pedagogical methods are her secondary research interests.

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