INGED 2023

INGED 2023

INGED / ELEA-Turkey (English Language Education Association) is an international organization whose mission is to strengthen the effective teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language in Türkiye while developing international connections. The 21st International Conference aims to provide TEFL professionals with opportunities for professional development through the exchange of ideas and practices in English language teaching and research, thus enable them to integrate their knowledge of current trends in the TEFL field with their ELT practices.

We warmly invite everybody in the field of TEFL / TESOL to be a part of this significant event. We hope the discussions will assist the progress of TEFL / TESOL worldwide.


This year’s theme, “Getting Off the Beaten Path in ELT”, has been set in the hope that the participants will share and compare their own teaching practices and ideas and collaborate in finding solutions to common problems. This conference aims to focus on innovative theories and practices in the following areas:

•      Teaching Language Components and Skills 

•      Classroom Applications

•      Culture and Literature in ELT

•      ELF Awareness 

•      Curriculum, Syllabus, and/or Materials Design 

•      Foreign Language Teaching Policies 

•      Technology in the Classroom 

•      Blended Learning

•      Flipped Learning

•      Assessment and Evaluation

•      Teacher Training, Development & Education

•      ELT Management

•      Very Young and Young Learners 

•      Drama in ELT 

•      Intercultural Communication

•      Second Language Acquisition 

•      Student and Teacher Resilience/Wellness

•      Preparatory Schools  

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