Second language acquisition

2nd International e-Conference on Translation, Mediation and Accessibility for Linguistic Minorities

In an increasingly globalised world, monolingual societies are becoming extremely rare, as states, mainly in urban areas (Meylaerts and González Núñez 2017, 5–6), present a growing linguistic diversity both in northern and southern countries (United Nations 2017, 1). Alongside autochthonous linguistic minorities, which shift between the loss of native speakers and language revalorisation or revitalisation processes, an increasing number of foreign-speaking minorities coexist who have their origin in migrations, forced migrations and refugee processes.

32nd International Conference on Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA)

The Institute of Linguistics, School of English at the University of Silesia is pleased to announce the 32nd International Conference on Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (ICFSLA). As it has been for over thirty years now, this conference focuses on research in second language acquisition and foreign language learning, relating to different aspects of both the teaching and learning of second/foreign languages.

BAAL TEA SIG Conference 2019

A rise in cross-disciplinary approaches has reinforced the need for language assessment to take account of relevant findings in SLA research and to consider applications across other fields. Important issues such as how we might assess acquisition and any implications for test development and validation were discussed in Bachman and Cohen’s (1998) seminal volume entitled Interfaces between second language acquisition and language testing research but this research remains under-represented.