2nd British Council New Directions in English Language Assessment Conference in Latin America

New Directions 2020 postponed

The British Council has taken the decision to postpone the 2nd New Directions in English Language Assessment Conference in Latin America scheduled to take place in August 2020 in Bogota, Colombia. After closely monitoring local Government and health authority guidance relating to Covid-19, we feel this is the right choice in ensuring the wellbeing of all our conference attendees and staff.

Alternative Approaches to English Language Learning and Teaching - ELTU 2019

In our rapidly changing society, creativity and flexibility are highly valued and embraced. This trend is reflected vividly in the English Language Teaching (ELT) context, where catering to the growing diversity of learners has become a real challenge. This conference provides a platform for ELT practitioners and other interested parties in the field to share their insights and experiences on the design, development, and implementation of innovative and novel approaches to learning and teaching English as a second / foreign language at the tertiary level.

2nd International Conference on English Across the Curriculum (EAC2018)

We are now inviting proposals on topics that relate to English Across the Curriculum and the following themes: a. Content and Language Integrated Learning b. Literacy in the discipline c. Writing and/or Speaking Across the Curriculum d. Engaging staff and students in improving language/literacy skills in the discipline e. Evaluating the impact of any of the above - Paper Presentation (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A) - Colloquium (45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A) Submitting Abstracts Proposals must include the following: a. 15-word (max) title b. 50-word (max) summary c.