2nd International e-Conference on Translation, Mediation and Accessibility for Linguistic Minorities

In an increasingly globalised world, monolingual societies are becoming extremely rare, as states, mainly in urban areas (Meylaerts and González Núñez 2017, 5–6), present a growing linguistic diversity both in northern and southern countries (United Nations 2017, 1). Alongside autochthonous linguistic minorities, which shift between the loss of native speakers and language revalorisation or revitalisation processes, an increasing number of foreign-speaking minorities coexist who have their origin in migrations, forced migrations and refugee processes.

22nd Annual International Conference of the English Department

The conference aims at bringing together young researchers and significant developments across diverse linguistic fields from syntax to pragmatics and translation studies. The conference addresses key issues in linguistic theory while also making connections to other linguistic fields and encouraging the application of qualitative, quantitative or mixed methodological techniques and research designs.

AELFE-TAPP 2020 International Conference

This joint AELFE-TAPP Conference brings together the 19th annual conference of AELFE (Asociación Europea de Lenguas para Fines Específicos/European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes) and the 2nd Conference of the Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project (TAPP), a growing virtual exchange network that has developed transnational collaborative projects on specialised communication, translation and user experience.

Evaluation, Appraisal Theory, and Translator/Interpreter Stance

Much of prof. Munday's recent work has involved the application of appraisal theory (Martin & White, 2005) and the analysis of Halliday's interpersonal function in the study of translation and interpreting. In this presentation, Prof. Munday Shall present a brief overview of appraisal theory and illustrate it with examples from interpreting of speeches by President Obama and Trump. Prof.