International Conference on Language Variation in Europe

The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe, ICLaVE, is one of the most important fora for research in the area of language variation in Europe. It aims at bringing together scholars of languages and language varieties spoken in Europe with the purpose of discussing empirical, methodological and theoretical issues in the study of language variation and change on the continent.

The Applied Linguistics Conference 2019

Although Applied Linguistics and Language teaching are distinct, they are also interrelated with each informing the other in terms of research and pedagogy.  Therefore, the theme of the conference “Applied Linguistics and Language teaching:  Making connections” provides an opportunity for discussion about how links can be made between the two areas within Australia and internationally.

2019 academic language and learning biennial conference

Join us for the 14th biennial conference of the Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL). Our theme for the conference is 'AALL Around the World: international perspectives, research and practice in academic language and learning'.

The conference welcomes educators, researchers, advisers, learning designers and managers who work in post-secondary education contexts to improve the teaching, learning and development of students’ communication skills, academic language and literacy, numeracy and English language for academic and professional purposes.

2018 Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Conference

Engaging Diversity: Creating Connections and building Knowledge’

Abstract submissions in the following strands are most welcome.

​​they are:

  • Language maintenance

  • Language for Specific Purposes

  • Language planning and policy

  • Language testing and assessment

  • Literacy skills

  • Pragmatics and rhetorics

  • Research methodology in applied linguistics

  • Second and additional language acquisition

English Australia Conference

The English Australia Conference is the largest annual gathering of teachers, teacher trainers, administrators, student support staff, marketers, managers and others involved in the delivery of English language intensive courses to overseas students (ELICOS) in Australia. The Conference attracts between 300-400 delegates each year. 

ACTA International Conference 2018

The theme of the conference is "English language learning in a mobile world".

In the context of increasing local and global mobility for TESOL learners and educators, this conference will contribute to the ongoing examination of the theories and practices underpinning the TESOL field, and will project into future directions, whether as policy, pedagogy, materials design, assessment or community involvement.