CMC SIG, EuroCALL Webinar, 7th June 2019

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Salvador Montaner
پست حضور در اینستا و تلگرام ارسال شده
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“Can you repeat that? The pedagogical potential of in-person, device-mediated communication”


Although there are numerous benefits of computer-mediated communication (CMC), it often lacks an oral component and may not prepare students for face-to-face interaction (Baralt & Gurzynski-Weiss, 2011). However, new apps, with or without an explicit pedagogical purpose, are emerging which encourage in-person, oral interaction while still offering the benefits of CMC. In digital games such as Spaceteam ESL (Grimshaw & Cardoso, 2018), Ready to Negotiate (Rueb, Cardoso, Grimshaw, 2016), and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Steel Crate Games Inc., 2018;, for example, players must exchange information orally with teammates in order to complete a task. In these games, students engage in face-to-face oral interactions, but communication is still mediate by a device to help remove some of the pressures often faced in these contexts. This webinar will explore the affordances offered by this type of CMC with concrete examples.


19.30 h-20.30 h (Madrid, Spain)

20.30 h-21.30 h (Cyprus)

13.30-14.30 h (Eastern time, US)


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